Building in Westfield

The duties and responsibilities of the superintendent of building is to:
  • Inspect buildings under the provisions of the general laws of Massachusetts
  • To enforce the provisions of the building code and local zoning laws
  • To examine or approve plans for new buildings, repairs, alterations and safety conditions of existing buildings
  • To inspect egress facilities of buildings
  • Supervise lower grade personnel and related administrative duties
  • Maintains records of permits granted and inspections received
The building department is comprised of:
  • One full time superintendent of building
  • One full time local building inspector
  • One full time inspector of wires
  • One full time plumbing and gas inspector
  • Department clerk
The building department handles approximately 2,500 permits a year.

If an inspector cannot gain access to a building or if the job is not ready for an inspection a re-inspection fee of $30.00 will be charged.

Buildings must remain accessible to the building department when an inspection is called for. It is the responsibility of the contractor not the building department to have the building open.

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