Parks & Facilities

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of all the cities parks, and the facilities they contain.

Reserve For Events - Permit for Outdoor Areas

City parks, playgrounds, and cemeteries may be reserved for events. In order to make a reservation, please read and fill out the and drop off or mail to the department.

Any parks, playgrounds or cemeteries, requests, you will need a signed permit. Larger parks such as Park Square, Half Mile Falls, Women's Temperance Park, 911 Gateway Memorial Park, then you will need to complete a Use of Area Permit  and attend a commission meeting for approval. Call the office to be placed on the Agenda at 572-6263. Commission meetings are held the second monthly.

Please keep in mind once approved by the Commission, the Police Department receives a copy of the permit and you may have to pay a police officer(s) for your event for safety and traffic reasons. The Police department will contact Permittee on the permit.

For smaller parks, playgrounds and cemeteries, permit needs to be completed in order to reserve event(s).

Permittee's responsibility-listed on form when you sign the original copy.

By signing the permit below, you, the Permittee, agree to comply with the Guidelines for use on the back of this form. You agree to assume direct responsibility for acts of vandalism or damage to the area, facility or existing equipment during the time an area is made available for use. You agree to clean up of all rubbish or debris caused by your use of the area. You also agree to be liable for all damage or injury to property or persons that may occur or be caused by the use of the permit, and agree to save the  City of Westfield and the Department harmless from any claim whatsoever which may result from such use.

Completed forms may be dropped off during office hours or mailed to:

City of Westfield Parks and Recreation Department
Attention: Scott Hathaway, Deputy Superintendent
4 Holcomb Street
Westfield, MA 01085

Permit Guidelines for Use of Parks and Playgrounds and City Ordinances

Eligibility - Westfield organizations, associations, sport organizations or individuals are eligible if they:

1. Provide services which include Westfield residents.
2. Can demonstrate benefits to the citizens of Westfield.

Rules and Regulations
  1. Those who wish to reserve an area under the jurisdiction or management of the Department must obtain and complete an application. If an individual is applying for a permit on behalf of a group or athletic league, he or she must so designate on the application. Only one individual may apply for a permit per group or athletic league.
  2. The permittee must confine activities to the locations and times specified on the permit.
  3. The permittee shall remain subject to the Rules of the Department, the specific terms of the permit, and to all rules, regulations and laws of all City, State and Federal departments insofar as applicable.
  4. The permittee must clean and restore the premises after each session.
  5. Pamphlets, handbills, signs or advertising material of any kind may not be posted, placed, or distributed on premises, unless the department grants written permission.
  6. The permittee is liable for all damage or injury to property or persons that may occur or be caused by the use of the permit, and by accepting the permit the permittee agrees to save the City of Westfield and the Department harmless from any claim whatsoever which may result from such use.
  7. The permit is not transferable.
  8. The maximum reserved time is five months.
  9. The following are not permitted on any park or playground property:
    No fires or grills.
    No admission may be charged.
    No person shall possess, drink, or consume any alcoholic beverage or any malt beverage upon any school, park or playground property of the city.
    No possession or ignition of fireworks, rockets, or sparklers.
    No tents or stakes driven into playing areas without permission.
    No fake flower petals, rice or other items may be thrown in or around fountains, rivers or other water bodies and must be picked up from all other areas.
    No motor vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds, go-carts, mini-bikes, snowmobiles, ATV’s or similar items shall be used in public parks.
    No person shall play or practice golf in a public park.
    No excessively loud music.
    No smoking is allowed in city parks or playgrounds per the Free Clean Air Act ordinance. The ordinance gives non-criminal enforcement authority to the Westfield Police Department and Health department. Violations are subject to fines.
  10. The department reserves the right to prohibit use if areas are deteriorating because of overuse.
  11. All domestic animals must be on a leash (not exceeding six (6) feet in length) and controlled by the owner at all times. Owners shall remove all animal fecal discharges from the park property immediately.
  12. Refreshment stands or concessions will be operated only with the approval of the Health Department and the Parks and Recreation Department.
  13. All persons in charge of a group using the areas will be responsible for the conduct of all participants, spectators and others connected with the activity, including visiting teams and opponents.
  14. All groups are responsible for policing the area used and the placing of litter in receptacles.
  15. Persons shall comply with all lawfully posted signs.
  16. There will be no construction, modification, physical changes to any field or facility unless specific permission is received from the Parks and Recreation Commission.
  17. Park/Playground hours are dawn to dusk. Unless area is lighted for night play than hours are until 10:45 PM.