Public Works


The mission of the department of public works is to preserve the integrity of the infrastructure in the City of Westfield through effective management and operation. Our goal is to serve the approximate 41,000 residents and ensure their safety.

The Department of Public Works is broken into the following divisions:
  • Park / Forestry: this division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all city parks, including all school athletic fields. In addition, tree management and care are also provided on a daily basis.
  • Sewer / Storm Drain: this operation oversees the cleaning, repairing, and maintenance of the collection system located throughout the city with programs designed to enhance the performance of our treatment plant.
  • Waste Collection / Solid Waste Management: this division performs the curbside collection of all waste generated by Westfield residents. Through effective programs, items are collected on a weekly basis and disposed of in the most efficient manner. Bulk items are scheduled for pick up by calling the bulk pickup line at (413) 572-6226. This division has received high marks from the State of Massachusetts for its efforts in recycling.

    2017 Curbside Collection Calendar - Curbside Collection Routes by Street

  • General Highway: this operation provides for the repair and maintenance of the highway and sidewalk system located throughout the community. Through effective programs, including patching, crack filling, sweeping, pavement management, street and regulatory sign replacement, crosswalk and line painting, in addition to the care and maintenance of our own vehicles. All administrative functions are assigned to this division.
  • Snow and Ice Control: during inclement weather, all of the above are dedicated to providing public safety with safe and efficient treatment of our road system, through sensible salting and plowing.

Emergency Calls

Emergency calls after hours or on weekends should be referred to the Westfield Police Department. You can call them at (413) 562-5411.