Forms & Time Cards

Submission of Forms

All forms can be submitted by mail, dropped off in person during business hours, or dropped off in our off hours box located outside of the Parks and Recreation Department.
Parks and Recreation Department
4 Holcomb St.
Westfield, MA 01085?
If you have any questions, please call the office at (413) 572-6263.

Use of Area Form - Permit to Reserve Outdoor Areas/Fields

Permit to use Parks or areas under the parks and recreation department. 

Permittee's responsibility-listed on form when you sign. the original copy.

By signing the permit below, you, the Permittee, agree to comply with the Guidelines for Use on the back of this form. You agree to assume direct responsibility for acts of vandalism or damage to the area, facility or existing equipment during the time an area is made available for use. You agree to clean up of all rubbish or debris caused by your use of the area. You also agree to be liable for all damage or injury to property or persons that may occur or be caused by the use of the permit, and agree to save the City of Westfield and the Department harmless from any claim whatsoever which may result from such use.

Any large events the Police department has the right to contact the "Permittee" on the approved permit and charge them a fee for staff and safety of the the public. 

Program Registration Form

Please add ID# and letter from brochure. Registration Form

Scholarship Form

The Westfield Parks and Recreation Department recognizes there are community residents who may suffer from economic setbacks that might preclude their participation in departmental programs. Financial Assistance for youth program fees is available through the Youth Scholarship Fund. The fund subsidizes program fees for eligible youth participants. “Youth” is considered anyone 17 years of age or younger or still in High School. Financial assistance must be applied for at time of registration. To see if you or your family qualifies for financial assistance, please complete this form and submit it to the department.

Scorekeepers & Referee Time Cards

Westfield Parks and Recreation vendors work for flag football, basketball and field hockey. If this is your first time working as a referee or scorekeeper, you need to complete a vendor form to set you up for payment. You must also fill out the referee time worked invoice in order to get paid for time worked.

The department has a monthly commission meeting where schedules are signed off for payment. You must complete the two pages of the vendor form as well as the referee time worked invoice, staple them together, and drop them off.

Time Cards for Seasonal Employees

Seasonal Employees must also fill out the Seasonal Employee Time Sheet. Be sure the time recorded on the time card is Saturday - Friday of each week worked. Time sheets for seasonal employees are due every Friday. We have the drop off box after hours. For seasonal Staff that works the spray parks during the summer, please record your hours on the same time sheet as your original position hired.

Program Refund Forms & Instructions

There will be an administrative fee of $10 per program refunded. This applies to all refunds, with the exception of medical reasons. Along with the Vendor Refund Forms, please include a letter or email explaining the reason for the refund. Once all forms are completed, please submit them together to the department.

*You do not need to add your Social Security number