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Brochures & Seasonal Information

Parks and Recreation...The Benefits Are Endless TM
The City of Westfield Parks and Recreation Department offers recreation programs for all ages and adults!  
We offer fitness, education, and leisure programs that allow participants to get up, get outside, and get active!


2015 Spring Summer Brochure Guide


Parks and Recreation Month
This July during Park and Recreation Month, set new trends in your community – what is OUT is IN! Make 2015 the year people go outside, change their outlook, get involved in their community through parks and recreation and so much more. July is a great time to show your communities how parks and recreation can help them improve their lives – from health and wellness to nature to community spirit and social equity.

Great News at Sadie Knox Playground
We have a new spray park this summer at Sadie Knox Playground located on Prospect Street Extension. Former Governor Deval Patrick wanted to build a spay park or playground in every community near an environmental justice neighborhood and Westfield was lucky to receive a $ 200,000 grant from the state in 2014 called "Our Common Backyards Grant" at Sadie Knox Playground. There will also be other amenities such as benches, improved bathrooms, and handicapped accessible sidewalks were included in the scope of work. The basketball court will be smaller to make room for the new spray park. City Council approved an appropriation of $ 300,000 in the Community Preservation Act funding to help clear the way for advertising the Spray park construction contract. The city has two other spray parks one at Municipal Playground and Chapman Playground. They open every day of the week starting June - September.  Times are 10:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m. They are closed during lighting storms and inclement weather.

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Program Registrations
To register for programs with the City of Westfield Parks & Recreation Department, you must fill out a Program Registration Form with ID number and t-shirt size. Payments for programs must be made in full and attached to the registration form. The Parks & Recreation Department only accepts cash, check, or money order. Programs fill on a first come, first serve basis. The department does not hold or reserve any spots in programs without the completion of registration. Registrations and any supporting documentation can be submitted to the department in the following methods: drop off  box, submitted during walk in hours, or submitted by mail.

The Parks and Recreations will offer a variety of programs for youth and adults. The following information is in the 2015 Spring-Summer brochure that is posted in March.

Big wheel .jpg
Big Wheel 500
Big Wheel 500 Ages 3-6 June 7. Rev up your engines for the big wheel race at Westfield High School parking lot. Each driver brings their own big wheel and must have plastic tires and not rubber tires.  

Father/Son and Mother/Daughter Miniature Golf Tournament
Children ages 4-12 with parents or guardians June 20. Tee times will be mailed. Want to be crowned champions of miniature golf? Or more important spend quality time with your son or daughter. Trophy given to winners in each age category.

Introduction to Fencing
Ages 8-to adult March - June classes. Using the combination of "just fencing" a group instruction, and individual instruction, students will start to master the fundamentals skills of foil fencing. Topics include tactical movement, attacks, rudimentary blade work, defense, competitive bouts, and refereeing. Students will be grouped or separated by age/skill as appropriate.

horsebackriding groupindex.jpg
Spring Vacation Horseback Riding Camp
Ages 6-14 M-Thurs. April 20 - April 23. Spend the morning on the farm feeding, grooming and maintenance associated with horses and ponies. Participants will experience the brushing, tackling, saddling and cleaning of the horses. Will include a riding lesson each day. Rain or shine the program will be held.

Ride the Wave Learn to Swim Program

Ages 4-12 Swimming lessons held during April vacation April 20 24.Learn the fundamentals of effective, fun, safe swimming! Daily skill building and practice. Another class held June 22- June 26 for ages 4-12.

h Soccer Camp-Ages 4-5
A unique way to learn the fundamentals of the games, competitive and challenging skill building activities will captivate and enlighten your youngest players. Soccer instructors are from Challenger Sports, and are from England and are nationally licensed. Session A 9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. or Session B 10:45 a.m.- 12:15 p.m. July 6- July 10.

British Soccer Competitive Camp - Ages 7-13
Register online with them Website-Challenger Sports or with us. This is designed for the competitive soccer player. Players will be coached within their age group and ability level. Cover techniques of passing, control, dribbling, shooting, heading, goalkeeping, tackling and teach players both defensive and offensive tactics. July 6- July 10.

soccer ball grassindex.jpg
Soccer Little Kickers- Ages 5-8
Join us for an outstanding soccer experience! This camp is for the beginner to the advanced soccer player. This camp will point out the emphasis of safety, basic instructional soccer skills, simple drills and daily micro soccer games. July 13- July 17. 

World Cup Soccer Camp- Ages 9-12
A fun soccer experience for learning or improving skills. Focus will be on dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting defensive tactics and field play. Includes daily skill challenges, games and mini world cup tournament. July 20- July 24.

Adventure Zone- Full Day Summer Camp -Ages 5-12 
Full day camp for the working parent (s) that need affordable childcare during the summer months. Adventure zone will offer a rich program experience for participants. Activities include, but not limited to; arts and crafts, games, sports, tournaments, field trips, swimming and visits to the spray park. Children are divided into proper age groups and some of the benefits of attending are socialization, sense of adventure, building self-esteem, interaction with peers and increasing creativity and personal growth. Staff is CPR and First Aid certified and is 18 years of age. Directors are 21 years of age and have experience working with the Adventure Zone program. June 24- August 14 times are 7:30 a.m.-5:30p.m. M-F (See Forms on the website).. The program will be held at Westfield Vocational High School so we may visit the spray park and playground equipment.

Child and Babysitting Safety Program- Ages 10-13
This program will educate your child on childcare safety and all the basic care techniques for infants and children. This course is designed for participants who may want to babysit, or responsible for younger siblings. The program will teach the importance of responsibility, reliability, discipline, age appropriate activities, recognizing an emergency, emergency action steps, personal safety, fire, water and food safety, infant care and basic first aid and choking management. CABS student handbook given at end of class with certificate. July 8 and July 15.

Healthy Children-Ages 9-12
This interactive program focuses on the importance of good nutrition and physical activity. We will discuss bad vs. good food choices and how it relates to our health and longevity. We will end the class with a hands on food related project. July 24.

cpr and first aidjpg.jpg
Full Day CPR and First Aid Class
-Ages 12 and up
Learn how to save a life! This program will be hands on training course to learn how to respond to common first aid emergencies, including burns; cuts; head, neck and back injuries and more. Learn how to respond to cardiac and breathing emergencies in adults and children. Certification at end of class. 

Nature Secrets Photo.jpg
Summer Playground Program - Ages 6-12
Free and no registration required, child is watched by parent/guardian. A great program that lets kids be kids! Led by our vibrant staff, the playground program is a celebration of imagination for youths as they dream to life. This program offers a wide variety of games, arts and crafts, tournaments, sports. There is no fee and no registration required. This is a drop in program only, if a child gets hurt the staff has CPR and First Aid it is not to be used for childcare. When it rains or thunders some sites close. If you need childcare, where a staff watches your child, then see the Adventure Zone program. Use your own judgment. Program will be held depending on funding in the city budget. July 1- August 7, no program July 3 at Papermill Playground, Munger Hill School, Municipal Playground, Chapman Playground and new location Sadie Knox Playground.

Gymnastic Camps
-Ages 3 and up
Gymnastic camp will teach fundamentals skills to beginners as well as enhance techniques of gymnastics. Participants will utilize floor exercise, uneven bars, balance beam, foam pits, tumble track and trampoline. June 29-July 2 No program July 3.

Tumbling Tramp Camp-Ages 8 and up
Love to flip? Run by Roots staff that will develop your tumbling from beginners to advanced. 45x49 ft. spring floor, in ground tumble track, aussie bed trampoline and spotting belt. July 6- July 9.

Youth Fitness Training Camp- Ages 8-14
Looking to get your child in shape for fall sports? Run by Roots staff that will create a boot camp style sports training camp that will introduce the skills needed for proper running techniques to increase speed and improve agility and balance. You will also utilize the gymnastic arena climbing ropes and cargo net to increase overall strength. August 3-August 6.

Draw Cool Cartoons! Ages 8-14
This class will be instructional drawing skills (perspective, shading, proportions etc) and how it relates to cartoons. The rest of the class will be dedicated to cartooning! If you never drawn cartoons before, then this is the place to learn. July 20- July 24.

Basic Drawing for Kids- Ages 8-14
Turn a piece of paper into a work of art! In this class we will be concentrating on drawing from life and the accurate representation of objects and people. We will explore drawing, shading texture and design using carious drawing tools. August 3- August 7.

dance campg.jpg
Dance Camp-Ages 4 and up
This camp will include a little of everything jazz acro ballet, tap, lyrical and hip- hop. We will end the week with a talent show with friends and family. July 6- July 10.

Full Day Dance Camp and More-Ages 4 and up
For those of you that love to dance than this camp has more musical theatre, acro, tap and hip hop. We will also include a manicure pedicure glitter tattoos, zumba yoga. Have a themed party making sundaes and play in the open gymnastic arena and a pool party. Child will receive a trophy. July 27-July 31.

golf kids index.jpg
Westfield Junior Golf Camp - Ages 7-14
This camp is eight hours of golf instruction. Designed for the beginner and intermediate golfer. Instruction on pitching, putting, full swing. Tuesday- Friday July 6 - July 9.

Theater show.jpg
Theater Arts Camp-Ages 9 and up
Have you ever wanted to be an actor or actress? Join us for a little theater fun in a two-week class. Learn stage, movement, voice projection, and characterization! The children hold a performance show for parents and public. Enjoy your own moment in the spotlights, as you become part of a one-act production! July 6- July 17 or July 20 - July 31.

deawing and paintpg.jpg
Drawing and Painting Workshops-Ages 7-10
All students will learn compositions, perspective shading and different techniques to expand their skills. Several classes held June 30 through August 21.

Drawing Painting Workshop for Middle School -Aes-11 and Up
Each day will have a group topic to draw and paint. Learn different techniques to expand your skills. Several classes July 6 - through August 20.

Draw with Prismacolor and Pencils-Ages 9 and up
A prismacolor drawing on board can look like a painting. Instructional shading and layers to create rich dept. Several classes. July 6 - August 20.

fieldhockey sticks.jpg
Field Hockey Fundamentals Skills Camp-Grades 2-8 and Grades 5-10.
Instructional field hockey camp of skills, scrimmages and getting you ready for the fall. July 13- July 17.

Fall Field Hockey Prep Clinic-Grades 6-12
Sharpen your skills and learn new field hockey techniques. Or if you are new at field hockey you may enjoy the sport and then sign up in the fall. August 10- August 13.

sports sampler.jpg
Sports Sampler- Ages 5-8
Have some fun by learning instructional basic, tennis, basketball, baseball, t-ball and soccer. We will visit the spray park. July 13- July 17 or July 20- July 24. 

Skateboard Camp- Ages- 7 and up
Develop skateboarding skills at our skate park for beginners to intermediate. Practice drills with games and drills on our street course, grinding rails, launch ramps, boxes and more. Safety equipment mandatory, helmet, elbow and knee-pads.  July 20-July 23.

Tennis Lesson Camp Ages 6-14
Learn how to play tennis or improve your skills. Emphasis will be on proper grip, stance, swing, serve and ball placement as well as hitting with control and depth. Several age group weeks starting June 30 through August 7. 

Adult Tennis Lessons- Ages 18 and up
No matter what level, you will enjoy a great opportunity to learn how to play tennis and improve your skills. Instructor provides tennis lessons and you will play mixed doubles and doubles. June 24 - August 5 Wednesdays.

Youth Black Dragon's Kajukenbo Karate- Ages 5-13
Children will learn martial arts and the foundation and principles to succeed in all aspects of life. Children are taught bully prevention techniques, self -defense, traditional kajukenbo forms. April 9-May 28  Class 5-7, 8-10 and 11-13.

Adult Black Dragon Kajukenbo Karate-Ages 18 and up
Learn to defend yourself with simple, effective techniques against the common street thug. Learn techniques for getting out of a dangerous situation with informative challenges. Thursdays. April 9 - May 28.

Adult Black Dragon's Kajukenbo Kickboxing-Ages 14 and up
Our kickboxing class combines modern fitness techniques with our martial arts training. Participate in a fun, exciting workout using martial arts techniques seen in boxing, and kickboxing while having a full body workout while having fun and learning a new skill. April 6 - June 1  Mondays. and April 9 - May 28 Thursdays. 

Nature Detectives- Ages 6-8
Be a detective and join us as we investigate different areas of nature. Participants will be exposed to an outdoor recreation setting while participating in nature activities. July 13- July 17.
Nature Secrets 2.jpg

Nature Secrets- Ages 3-5
Children participate in a variety of outdoor activities designed to stimulate their interests in the natural world. Nature crafts, games and activities planned. July 6 - July 10 or July 27- July 31.
Nature Secrets Photo.jpg

Little Picassos-Ages 6-8
Unleash the artist within a supervised, instructive child friendly environment. Activities include art, games, songs and literature. 
July 20- July 24 or August 3- August 7.

Junior Horseback Riding Camps-Ages 6-9
Spend the morning on the farm experiencing feeding, grooming and maintenance associated with horses and ponies. Participants will experience brushing, saddling and cleaning horses and a riding lesson each day. July 7-10, July 14-17, July 28-July 31 and August 4- August 7. 
horsebackriding groupindex.jpg

Senior Horseback Riding-Ages 10-14
A step above Junior Horseback Riding. Increased interaction with horses and riding lessons. Camps offered July 6- through August 6.

baseball picturejpg.jpg
Baseball Camps-Ages 7-12
Learn the fundamentals of baseball while having fun. Games will be played along with proper techniques of throwing, catching, fielding and batting. Ages 7-9 June 29 - July 2, July 6- July 10 and Ages 10-12 July 13 - July 17.

cheer poms.jpg
Westfield Cheerleading Camp- Ages 8-12
Learn new and exciting skills designed especially for cheerleaders with no experience to intermediate cheerleaders.  Will instruct participants on partner stunts, dances, cheers and more! Participants will perform a cheer routine on last day of camp for family and friends. This is a great opportunity for developing teamwork, camaraderie, and self-confidence. August 10 - August 14.

Please check our cancellations page or by calling our voice mail at (413) 572-6263 (press option 7 for cancellations 1 hour before the program starts.