Open Space & Recreation Plan

2018 Update

Open space and recreation planning considers many aspects of land use throughout the City, such as public and private parks, farmland preservation, aquifer protection, scenic views and corridors, hiking and biking trails, wildlife habitat, river recreation and fishing access. This planning effort helped identify which resources and values are important for Westfield, and how we might ensure they will be available for future generations. Our plan is valid for 7 years and helps guide local policy decisions and funding priorities. In addition, the plan enables the City to access certain grant opportunities not otherwise available. 

The City's Open Space and Recreation Plan is available online and in paper format at City Hall.  Paper copies were also provided to the Westfield Athenaeum and Senior Center. 

The Planning Department, with a 2017 District Local Technical Assistance Grant from the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, coordinated this project which was guided by public visioning sessions, a survey and an advisory committee.