Twiss Street Transfer Station

Required Permits

Permits are required in order to use and have access to the Twiss Street Transfer Station. There is a $10 fee per permit. Annual permits run from July 1st and expire June 30th every year. Please note the $10 permit fee only covers access to the station, there may be additional fees depending on the items being brought to the Transfer Station. At this time only cash and checks are accepted methods of payment. Permits can be obtained in the Licensing/Parking Department, Monday - Friday, 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. Please call 413-572-6202 for any questions.

Seasonal Hours

  • The Transfer Station is open EVERY Monday-Saturday (except Holidays) year round from 7 A.M. - 2:45 P.M.

Site Rules

  • The transfer station is open for Westfield resident use only. Proof of residence such as a drivers license is required and any materials may be subject to inspection by employees. The employees on duty have the authority to reject any materials not appropriate for disposal. No businesses are permitted to use the tipping floor without prior approval.
  • Mature lawn and leaf compost will be available to residents for personal use.
  • All waste brought to the Twiss Street site becomes property of the City of Westfield. For safety reasons there is no salvaging or picking through trash or recyclables permitted. At this time we do not have a swap operation. Any items that are still in usable condition should be donated to charity or recycled if possible.
  • Construction and demolition debris is not permitted for disposal. Items such as, clean wood, asphalt shingles, wall board, bricks, and cement can all be recycled. Contact the health department for a list of possible vendors who take these materials. Other demo materials must be taken to a commercial landfill for disposal.