Business Certificates

How to file for a Business Certificate (also known as a DBA)

In accordance with provisions of Chapter 110, Section 5 of Massachusetts General Law, Business Certificates shall be in effect for four years from the date of issuance and may be renewed each four years thereafter. 

The filing fee for a Business Certificate is $25.00

A statement under oath must be filed with the City Clerk upon discontinuing, retiring or withdrawing from such business or partnership.
Copies of such certificates shall be available at the address at which such business is conducted and shall be furnished upon request during regular business hours to any person who has purchased goods or services from such business. 

The filing and/or issuance of a Business Certificate does not imply compliance with the Zoning Ordinance nor is a Business Certificate a license or permit to conduct business in the City of Westfield.

Business Certificate Filings

The following are filings per month. To obtain prior lists, please contact the Business License Department at (413) 572-6258.

Business Certificate Filing Lists