Officer Christopher Coach - 905

Officer Christopher Coach has worked with the Westfield Police Department since 1999.  He is one of the K-9 handlers, and his partner is named Mako.  Mako is a 5-year old black German Shepherd.  Officer Coach is also a member of the ATV and Marine Unit.  He has been one of the advisors for the Westfield Police Cadets for many years.

Officer Chris Coach is responsible for the neighborhoods listed below.  If you live or work in this area, feel free to contact Officer Coach if you have questions or suggestions for the area.  He can be reached at (413) 875-5077, or


  • Allen Avenue
  • Bates Street
  • Butler Street
  • Charles Street
  • Chestnut Street
  • Colonial Pine Acres, 50 Southampton Road
  • Court Street - Odd Numbers
  • Franklin Street - Even Numbers
  • Freemont Street
  • Grand Street
  • Green Avenue
  • Greylock Street
  • High Street
  • Hubbard Street
  • Jefferson Street
  • King Avenue
  • King Place
  • King Street
  • Littles Court
  • Madison Street
  • Malone Avenue
  • Smith Avenue
  • Washington Street - Even Numbers
  • West School Street