Officer Stephen Gonglik - 903

Officer Stephen Gonglik is an eighteen year veteran of the Westfield Police Department.  He is a member of the ATV, Marine, Motorcycle, and Mountain Bike Units.  He has earned both his Associate's and Bachelor's Degrees from Ashworth College where he graduated with honors.  Officer Gonglik also volunteers as a youth sports coach for Westfield Youth Lacrosse and Westfield Youth Hockey.

Officer Gonglik is responsible for the following neighborhoods.  If you live or work in this area, feel free to contact Officer Gonglik if you have questions or suggestions for the area.  He can be reached at (413) 579-7003, or


  • Bartlett Street
  • Birge Avenue
  • Casimir Street
  • Chapel Street
  • Cherry Street
  • Dubois Street
  • East Bartlett Street
  • Elm Street - Odd Numbers
  • Fowler Street
  • Frederick Street
  • Free Street
  • George Street
  • Hanover Street
  • Lewis Street
  • Main Street - Even Numbers
  • Meadow Street
  • Mechanic Street
  • Miller Street
  • Monroe Street
  • North Cherry Street
  • Otis Street
  • Park Street
  • Parkside Avenue
  • Phelps Avenue
  • Saint Paul Street
  • Sycamore Street
  • Thomas Street
  • White Street
  • William Street