The Great River Bridge - 2012

The Great River Bridge- 2012

The Great River Bridge project was a multi-faceted effort encompassing bridge, park, traffic, utility, pedestrian, and street scape improvements. The goal was to provide more than just a long term resolution of traffic congestion but also to spur an urban renewal effort. A joint partnership between local, state, and federal funding provided the opportunity to construct this important link through the heart of downtown Westfield. Some of the major improvements included new and improved bridges, new rotaries on both ends of the bridge to assist traffic in both directions, walk ways, fountains, plants, trees and bushes, all while preserving the surrounding areas and keeping the city in mind. The image to the left shows a sketch depicting all the details of the Great River Bridge Project. The video below demonstrates a 3-D model of the Great River Bridge project and everything that was done.

Great River Plan