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Apremont Park

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0.93 Acre.

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Mrs. Sadie Knox and heirs in memory of their father Vincent E. Barnes, gave this land to the city in 1930.

The Massachusetts State Militia trained at this site then called “Hampton Plains” in 1905. When World War I broke out, the site was reactivated for the 104th Infantry Regiment of the 26th Yankee Division and was renamed Camp Bartlett.

In August 17, 1917, 13,000 troops from the National Guard organization of New England camped out for 14 weeks; then the 104th Infantry left for France to compile a record of outstanding bravery. There is a bronze plaque set in from of the monuments of the General Passage of France decorating the colors of the 104th Infantry during World War I. The park is named after a small French town of Apremont, which was defeated and saved by the 104th Infantry.

Former Park Director, Walter Ayers, redesigned this symmetrically planted park in 1972. Bituminous curbing and three Linden trees were planted.