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Columbia Greenway Rail Trail


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The Columbia Greenway Rail Trail is an ongoing project with the community organization Friends of the Columbia Greenway Rail Trial to create a premier walk and bike trail through the City of Westfield and link it to bike trails in other communities.

The trail presently starts behind the Shaker Farms Country Club and ends at Main Street, but will eventually continue to the Great River Bridges at the Westfield River.

Accessing the Trail and Points of Note

Friends of Columbia Greenway Rail Trail - Interactive Map

Shaker Farms - The trail starts behind the Shaker Farms Country Club and has a designated parking area for 60 vehicles, the only present designated parking area for the trail. The trail head is located just yards away from the Southwick line with continuous access to the Framington Canal Heritage Trail and Southwick Rail Trails

Shaker Road Crossing - Street level crossing of Shaker Road.  Please use the blinking signal box to safely cross this busy road.

Colony Circle & Harvest Moon Circle - Ramp access to Columbia Rail Trail from Colony Circle neighborhood from the West, and Harvest Moon Circle from the East. No parking available at these access points.

Little River "Tin Bridge" - This bridge crosses the Little River.  Access to downtown Westfield to Main Street is about a mile.

Easter Silver Street - Near 21 East Silver street is an access ramp at the site of the trail's raised crossing on East Silver street.  No parking is available at this access point.

St. Dennis Street / Ashely Street - Access ramp on the west at the intersection of Hedges Avenue and St. Dennis Street - or - from the east at the intersection of Taylor Avenue and Ashley Street.

Main Street - Current terminus of the Columbia Rail Trail from the South and future site of a signature rail trail bridge. No parking is available at this access point.