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Kane/Wojtkiewicz Park

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  1. Access to Westfield River Walk Trail
  2. Memorial
  3. Park Bench(es)
  4. Parking


0.5 acre.


The Kane/Wojtkiewicz Park lies on the south side of the Westfield River and Great River Bridges and between legs of the Westfield River Walk Trail.  The park offers plantings, benches, Pearl Harbor memorial, and excellent views of the bridges and river.

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The park was name in the honor of Frank P. Wojkiewicz, Chief Petty Officer, First Class, and U.S. Navy. He was killed when the battleship Arizona was bombed at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. He was the first Westfield man to loose his life after the opening of hostilities by Americans forces against Japan. He was the son of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Wojtkiewicz of Cherry Street in Westfield.

In 1970 the American Legion and other organizations collected donations to have a monuments with engraving. They were later moved in 1988 to Parker Park on West Silver Street.

Each year in December, a memorial service is held in the park.