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Park Square

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0.5 acres.


Center of town where people brought their horses to drink from the watering fountain in the early 1800’s. A 90-foot flagpole stood high and dominates the Park Square. Layout was elliptical in shape, 20 rods long, by 7 rods wide. Th elliptical shape has been somewhat retained the same. In 1811 scales were provided for weighing of hay.

In 1835 a town meeting of residents resulted in the official establishment of a park in the center of the town. The sixth article of warrant reads, “To see if the town will consent to the enclosure a park or common on the “Green” to be done with the sanction of a committee appointed by the town and entirely at the expenses of individuals.”

The area was used for training or a drill ground for soldiers. Later on two water pumps were added and several town residents started a movement and planted trees. In 1855 sidewalks were put in on a criss -cross pattern. This area is also referred to as Park Square and adjacent to “The Green” is the Civil War Monument, which was dedicated in May 1871.

In 1859, the Park and tree committee was formed and Elm trees were planted and along the main streets in Westfield.

A bandstand that stood on the Green for concerts was so popular that candidates for office used it for campaigning. Many celebrations for returning soldiers were held there.

President Theodore Roosevelt visited Westfield on September 2, 1902 and addressed a large audience from a platform at the park.

Westfield continues to use the “Green” as a center for civic activities including the 300th anniversary of the city in 1969.

The flagpole believed to be the pole of a former mast from a ship that served the city as a flagpole for 100 years.

The historic flagpole snapped during a storm September 16, 1998 and the 100-year-old flagpole broke in two. It through Westfield Fire Deputy, Chief Patrick McGinn said initially it was believed to be struck by lighting. However, it was discover that the wood 2 had rotted from infestation of carpenter ants. A combination of the storm, wind and rotted wood conspired the flagpole to fall down.

A portion of the cut down flagpole along with a plaque marks the spot were the flagpole stood. A birthday celebration was held July 4th, 1998 at Park Square where once again the community celebrated the flagpole and sang Happy Birthday, Three Cheers and Star and Stripes songs.

Park Square to this day is still the meeting place of the community such as the pancake breakfast, Taste of Westfield and the Westfield Carol Sing along, Summer Concerts with other events.