Adult Softball Leagues

All team must follow the conduct rules or will be removed from the team with no refunds. 

Tam Captain completes forms with payment.-Fall 2023

  1. Coed League- Tuesday Fee $ 375.00 a team
  2. Men's Leagues Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays- Fee $ 375.00 a tea
Team Captain is also responsible for own t-shirts and or sponsor. You will be responsible to pay umpire and scorekeeper fees at he beginning of each the game.  

You can now register on line with a credit card, or check please visit the link below and look for your days interested 
Adult Fall Softball Information

In order to play you the "'Team Captain" needs to be registered and paid in full with your name, address, phone number and email address on a program registration form. The team captain needs to to collect the fees from team players and collect team waivers from all players regarding conduct rules and mail or drop off to the Parks and Recreation Dept. 4 Holcomb Street Westfield, MA 01085. We also have a drop off box after hours.   

Once you are registered by the team captain the program coordinator will contact the team captain informing of the additional fee costs to pay referees or scorekeepers on your own.  This is on your own not through the department.  There is one fee for Parks and Recreation Dept. 

If you get a sponsor for a team please make sure you get two checks, one payable to us: Westfield Parks and Recreation Dept. on the fees listed on the above  Captain ID forms above and one for you to pay your referees, scorekeepers or t-shirts.  Or collect from your team players.  If your check or sponsor check is incorrect it will be mailed back to you to correct it or register on line. 


This league is one of "friendly" competition and is set up to promote recreational sports in the City of Westfield adult softball leagues.  We ask all participants to work together to continue the philosophy of this program.  The use of profanity and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and officials will be instructed to eject from a game any player, manager, or spectator guilty of these offenses.  

Drinking and smoking before, during, or after a league game on city property (per city ordinance give the police to arrest the individual (s) will result in permanent suspension of the player(s) involved.  The team Captain manager is responsible for the conduct of his or her team (as well as any spectators) both on and off the playing field. The team manager is responsible for the policing of the benches and dugout for any trash left behind.  Any ejection from a game will lead to the players causing the disrespectful conduct to be removed from the team and we can dismiss the whole team from the league due to bad conduct with no refunds.


All players are required to sign a Liability waiver prior to the start of the season. Team captain managers are responsible for providing signed waivers for your team.

The City of Westfield is not responsible for any injuries received.

Game Schedule-Click Below

Game Schedule for Adult Softball

The following are not permitted on any park or playground property:

  • No fires or grills                                                                                  
  • No admission may be charged
  • No person shall possess, drink, or consume any alcoholic beverage or any malt beverage upon any school, park or playground property of the city.    
  • No possession or ignition of fireworks, rockets, or sparklers
  • No tents or stakes driven into playing areas without permission
  • No fake flower petals, rice or other items may be thrown in or around fountains, rivers or other water bodies and must be picked up from all other areas.
  • No motor vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds, go-carts, mini-bikes, snowmobiles, ATV’s or similar items shall be used in public parks.
  • No person shall play or practice golf in a public park.
  • No excessively loud music.
  • No smoking is allowed in city parks or playgrounds per the Free Clean Air Act ordinance.
    • The ordinance gives non-criminal enforcement authority to the Westfield Police Department and Health department. Violations are subject to fines by his or her designee by the Police Dept. and Health Dept.
    • Whitney Playground-Please make sure everyone enters in though Shepard Street over the hill and Exits out of Sackett Street. (One way in one way out)  Do not have them exit out back through Shepard Street. WRONG WAY!
    • Park/Playground hours are dawn to dusk. Unless area is lighted for night play than hours are until 10:45 p.m.