COVID-19 Information & Bulletins

Westfield COVID 19 Case Data

Present Reporting Period:
 Sept 9 - Sept 15
New Confirmed Cases: 61
Related Deaths: 3
Active Cases in Isolation: 87
Percentage of new unvaccinated cases: 60% (36 of 61)

 Present Reporting Period: Notes
New COVID cases this week have plateaued (61 this week 64 last).

Unfortunately we saw 3 new related deaths this week in unvaccinated residents.

We are also now monitoring pediatric cases.

There were 7 new cases in children aged 0-11 (ineligible to be vaccinated) and 3 new cases in children aged 12-17 (eligible to be vaccinated).

It is noteworthy that the 7 cases aged 0-11 resulted in 20 close contacts of similar aged children who are now in quarantine and may result in more positive cases.

Please wear your mask when in public to help protect yourself and others especially those children ineligible to be vaccinated.

Please consider getting yourself and other eligible individuals vaccinated.

Prior Reporting Period: Sept 2 - Sept 8
New Confirmed Cases: 64
Related Deaths: 0
Active Cases in Isolation: 99
 Percentage of new unvaccinated cases:
81% (52 of 64)

Cumulative Reported as of: Sept 8
Confirmed Cases: 3578
Related Deaths: 117

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