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Photograph Submission

  1. Submission Requirements
    Use the form below to submit a photo for use by the City of Westfield on city websites, publications, public access TV and social media.

    For details of our Photographic Submission program and Rules please read LINK.
  2. Proper name only, no organizations or aliases.
  3. Tell us about your photograph.
  4. Only photographs in JPG format accepted, without title(s), signed or watermarks within the image.
  5. Attribution*
    See LINK for complete details of the City of Westfield attribution policy.
  6. Enter attribution name as initial(s), organization or business.
  7. Terms & Conditions*
  8. I certify that I am the copyright owner of the uploaded image, that all identifyable individuals photographed have given permission for their likenesses to be used, and that the image may be displayed within the grounds established in the City of Westfield Photographic Submission Program policy.
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