The Westfield Water Resources Department was established in 2004 through an ordinance adopted by the Westfield City Council. This ordinance combined the city's water and wastewater departments into one department operating under the governance of the Westfield Board of Water Commissioners.  In 2015, Westfield Water Resources Department was rolled into a consolidated Public Works Department.

The Water Division is responsible for producing and delivering drinking water that meets or exceeds all federal and state standards. This division owns and operates:

  • More than 220 miles of underground piping
  • 2 drinking water treatment facilities
  • 2 reservoir watersheds
  • 4 booster pumping stations
  • 7 dams
  • 8 groundwater wells
This system serves over 11,000 residential and commercial customer connections.

Water Rates

The metered water rate is $3.9325 per 1,000 gallons used plus a minimum charge based on meter size. The annual fire protection fee is based on sprinkler main size and varies from $25.00 for a less than 2 inch line up to $3,200.00 for a 16 inch main. A $50.00 annual per private yard hydrant fee is also assessed. 

Your Water Meter

Your water meter is a standard 5/8″ water meter, which reads in gallons. The reading is taken from left to right. If the reading on this meter is 116960, this is equivalent to 116,960 gallons. The small diamond shaped object on the meter is a low flow indicator. This can help in determining if there are water leaks in your home.

Typical Meter Pads

Your meter pad is designed to be read electronically from the outside of your house. Under normal circumstances the meter reader does not need to enter your home to obtain a meter reading.

Radio Read Transmitter

For some services where it is difficult to have access to a meter pad, a radio transmitter may be installed to allow a remote meter reading from the street. Additionally, all new water services are being equipped with this feature.

Typical Meter Installation

This is what a typical meter setup would look like in your home. It is generally in the basement where the water line enters the home. The meter pad is usually outside the building in this area.

Rain Barrel Program

The City of Westfield Water Resources Department and Public Works Departments have once again partnered with the Great American Rain Barrel Company in Hyde Park, MA to bring back the Rain Barrel program.  This allows us to offer rain barrels to residents as part of our on-going community wide water conservation program and storm water management. Read more about it here.

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