Westfield's Top Dog

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Who will be Westfield's TOP dog?

Throughout the fall, residents of Westfield submitted their information and pictures of their loyal companion(s) to the “Top Dog” contest. City Clerk Kaitlyn Bruce met with judges, Chief Valliere, Animal Control Officer Terkelsen and Mike Sadowski from Westfield Feed to narrow down the 107 submissions. They selected the finalists based on their special stories, stand out photos and connection to the community. They had a RUFF time choosing between all of the PAWS-ITIVELY amazing submissions! Stay tuned for a video of our honorable mentions. Thank you to all who participated! Below are the six finalists for Westfield’s first ever 'Top Dog' contest. Cast your vote to help us name Westfield's next SU-PAW-STAR! 
Public voting will close December 28, 2023.

Meet The Finalists:


Labrador RetrieverFrom the Owner:
"In February 2022 I had to put my heart dog, Mack, to sleep after a number of health complications that not even specialists seemed to be able to figure out. To say I was devastated is an understatement. I had a couple unsuccessful attempts at starting again, to no avail. Then came Georgia, a Christmas surprise from my oldest and best friend. She is nothing like Mack - she’s independent, awkward, and cautious. She definitely won’t protect me from anyone. She’s a goof and listens on her own time. But she has healed my heart in ways I didn’t think were possible, and every once in a while, little moments of Mack will pop through. Little moments that make me believe that maybe he sent her after all, a dog so different than him, knowing he could never be replaced. And for that, and so many other reasons, I am grateful."


Australian ShepherdFrom the Owner:
"He just gives me so much joy. My lab of 16 years passed away in 2020 and I found him in need of a home. Hehad and still has so many issues and is afraid of his own shadow sometimes but we help each other and he isjust all love. He makes me laugh every day with his cute silly antics and puts up with me dressing him up and doing photo shoots with him."


Doberman PinscherFrom the Owner:
"Walter is a Search and Rescue Cadaver dog and a Canine Good Citizen who visits nursing homes bringing joy to everyone he meets."


Maltese DogFrom the Owner:
"Milou is so caring and friendly! He welcomes everyone he meets in a kind way. Milou loves being part of the Westfield community and knows all of his neighbors. He visits his local groomer in town as well as local veterinarians and a local place for sleepovers when we are out of town. Milou is very proud to be from Westfield. We are grateful that Milou is part of our family."

Bauer Zamboni

Golden RetrieverFrom the Owner:
"He is the unofficial mascot of Elms College athletics, providing joy to all of the students on campus. He attends wellness events, sporting events and brings a smile to everyone’s face. Students, staff and faculty always enjoy having him on campus and always asks when he’s coming back."


Jack Russell/ Shitzu dogFrom the Owner:
"During 2020 I got a call asking if I wanted to foster a pup who was found in a dumpster in Springfield. With love in my heart, I accepted him into my home and life. At the shelter he was named “Nasty Nick” because he was so aggressive and “mean”. Three and a half years later, he is the sweetest, most loving dog that has so much love in his heart for his people. He recently lost his brother and has been lonely. He really did a 180 from the time he came into our home, and it goes to show that with love and tenderness, everyone can change!"